I chose the following products for the implementation of the project to setup automatic garden irrigation. That’s why I chose products from Hunter, Gardena and HomeMatic.

Product information for sprinklers from Hunter

My garden irrigation I have realized with the Hunter rotary sprinkler I-20 ADV. There is a successor product, the Hunter rotary sprinkler I-20. In addition, Hunter offers other models of gearbox drivers, which differ in the throw range, water flow rate and internal thread (from 1/2 “to 1 1/2”). For the connection to the Gardena Pipeline sprinklers with 1/2 “or 3/4” should be used.

The individual rotary sprinkler are available in different models. For example, the I-20 has four different models, which differ in the ascent height of the sprinkler and in the overall height.

Each sprinkler is supplied with the 12 standard nozzles, which are used for different casting distances (8.8m to 14.3m). In addition, special short jet nozzles for throw lengths from 4.9m to 7.6m can be ordered separately.

To adjust the bucket you need a Hunter adjustment key. Consequently, this should be ordered.
In the front yard I use the Hunter PRO-SPRAY-06 countersink sprinklers. This product line offers a variety of models with different ascent height of the sprinkler. Adjustable pro nozzles, fixed sector pro nozzles and MP rotators nozzles can be placed on the pro sprays. Accordingly, here is the overview of fixed sector nozzles on the Hunter product page. The sprinkler has a 1/2 “internal thread for connection to the Gardena pipeline.

Product information about Gardena water pipeline

The basis for garden irrigation is the water pipeline. Gardena offers different lengths of pipe: 25m (# 2700-U) and 50m (# 2704-U). The pipe diameter of the laying pipe is 25mm.
Gardena offers different types of connecting pipes: Connector (#2775-U), T-Piece (#2771-U), L-Piece (#2773-U) or Tail (#2778-U).
For the connection of the Hunter Regner I use the tees of Gardena. It should be noted that the Hunter gearbox reactors I-20 with 3/4″ and the Hunter Pro spray with 1/2″ are connected. Gardena offers connection elements as T-piece, contra-angle or L-piece.

These are the Gardena Product Numbers for 1/2 “Male Thread: T-Piece (#2786-U), Elbow (#2782-U), L-Piece (#2780-U). In addition, the product numbers are for 3/4 “Male Thread: T-Piece (#2787-U), Elbow (#2783-U), L-Piece (#2781-U).

In any case, a drainage valve should be installed at the lowest point of the pipeline for frost protection of the water pipeline. For this purpose, Gardena offers a drain valve (#2760), which is placed on a T-piece (#2790-U) with 3/4 “female thread.

Product information for HomeMatic eq-3 Automation:

The Homematic Central Control Unit CCU2 takes over as a central element diverse control, control and configuration options for all Homematic devices. For this purpose, operation is conveniently carried out via the Homematic user interface WebGUI on a PC or tablet. In addition, complex control tasks as well as individual logic functions can be realized via the CCU2.
With the 4-fold Homematic wireless switch actuator for DIN rail mounting (# HM-LC-Sw4-DR), up to 4 consumers can be switched individually. For this purpose, the individual consumers can be connected with up to 3680W power consumption. The connection to the CCU2 control center is via encrypted radio. It is also possible to configure and control the Homematic CCU2 central unit. In addition, the operation can also be done directly on the device. The switching status is indicated by LEDs on the device. For the housing of the device is a 4-TE wide DIN rail housing offers, such. Surface-mounted small distributor 4 modules.

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