Calculation Hunter sprinkler

calculation Hunter sprinkler

In the following blog I have written about Parameters for garden irrigation of the two parameters water pressure and water flow. These sizes are necessary for the planning of the irrigation system. Using the example of my irrigation installation, I show how to calculate Hunter sprinklers. This requires an overview of the Hunter systems, which can be found under the link. Finally, the individual products provide the respective operating data with information on water flow and water pressure. Hunter also offers a planning manual for garden irrigation.

Calculate water flow

This results in the following values for the products of Hunter used in my garden:

For irrigating the lawn in the garden I use PGP Ultra / I-20 with a nozzle 2.5 blue. Due to the available water pressure of 3,5bar, the water flow rate is 9,7l / min. When using 2 sprinklers, I come to 2 x 9.7 l / min = 19.4 l / min.

In the front yard I use Hunter Pro-Spray PROS-06. By using different nozzles, I reach different casting distances and pitch circles as spray surfaces. This also results in different flow rates for the pro-sprayers used:

  • 1 x nozzle 10-A, throw 3m, pitch 90 °, results in a water flow of 2l / min
  • 2 x nozzle 6-A, throw 1.8m, pitch 90 °, results in a water flow of 0.95l / min
  • 1 x nozzle 6-A, throw 1.8m, pitch 180 °, results in a water flow of 1.98 l / min

Consequently, for the front yard I come to a total water flow rate of 5.88 l / min.

Finally, from the two surfaces with the flow rates of 19.4 l / min and 5.88 l / min, a total of 25.28 l / min. Since I can provide 40l / min with my pump, there is still the possibility to expand the system.

Calculation Hunter sprinkler – large garden

Through the use of valves in the individual irrigation circuits individual garden sections can be irrigated successively. Thus even under-performing garden pumps can irrigate larger gardens. For this it is necessary to automate the irrigation order. Accordingly I have connected my Hunter valves to the Homematic home automation. I have described the installation of Hunter solenoid valves in my blog installation Hunter valves PGV.

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